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UTC/GMT Offset Daylight time zone - UTC/GMT -4 hours in daylight saving time (EDT)
Next time change on 11/03/2019 01:00 am (local time) (EST)
Daylight saving time Actually in DST
Daylight Saving Time start on : Sunday 10 March 2019 am:00 am
Daylight Saving Time end on : Sunday 03 November 2019 01:00 am

Actual offset : UTC/GMT -4 hours (in DST time)
In DST Time : UTC/GMT - -4 hours
In STD Time : UTC/GMT - -5 hours

Geographical and astronomical datas : United States

Coordinates Latitude : 42° 23' north
Longitude : 83° 05' west
Astronomic Observations Sunrise at : 01:54 am
Transition hout : 07:57 am
Sunset at : 02:01 pm
Duration of day : 12 hours
Civil twilight start at : 01:33 am
Civil twilight end at : 02:22 pm

Knowledge about Local time United States - Detroit

For example, "2007-04-05T14:30" uses the extended formats for date and time Z.
A combined date and time representation, often called (and so named in many DBMS type ontologies) a timestamp, can be used to mark any type of event time such as an e-mail delivery, a financial transaction, the start of a medical treatment, or even a natural occurrence (like the June solstice of 2009 shown above)
Combined date and time representations are also used in conjunction with time intervals as discussed later in this article.
The date and time representations may appear in proximity to each other, often separated by a space or sometimes by other characters
In these cases they occupy two separate fields in a data system, rather than a single combined representation
This is usually done for human readability
Unlike the previous examples, "2007-04-05 14:30" is considered two separate, but acceptable, representations—one for date and the other for time
It is then left to the reader to interpret the two separate representations as meaning a single time point based on the context.
Durations are a component of time intervals and define the amount of intervening time in a time interval
They should only be used as part of a time interval as prescribed by the standard
Time intervals are discussed in the next section.
Durations are represented by the format PW as shown to the right
In these representations, the
Leading zeros are not required, but the maximum number of digits for each element should be agreed to by the communicating parties
The capital letters 'P', 'Y', 'M', 'W', 'D', 'T', 'H', 'M', and 'S' are designators for each of the date and time elements and are not replaced.
P is the duration designator (historically called "period") placed at the start of the duration representation.
Y is the year designator that follows the value for the number of years.
M is the month designator that follows the value for the number of months.
W is the week designator that follows the value for the number of weeks.
D is the day designator that follows the value for the number of days.

Source : Wikipedia
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