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Fort Wayne timezone information

UTC/GMT Offset Daylight time zone - UTC/GMT -4 hours in daylight saving time (EDT)
Next time change on 11/03/2019 01:00 am (local time) (EST)
Daylight saving time Actually in DST
Daylight Saving Time start on : Sunday 10 March 2019 am:00 am
Daylight Saving Time end on : Sunday 03 November 2019 01:00 am

Actual offset : UTC/GMT -4 hours (in DST time)
In DST Time : UTC/GMT - -4 hours
In STD Time : UTC/GMT - -5 hours

Geographical and astronomical datas : United States

Coordinates Latitude : 41° 04' north
Longitude : 85° 08' west
Astronomic Observations Sunrise at : 01:54 am
Transition hout : 07:57 am
Sunset at : 02:01 pm
Duration of day : 12 hours
Civil twilight start at : 01:33 am
Civil twilight end at : 02:22 pm

Local time information on North America - United States

For each time zone that has multiple offsets, usually the standard and daylight variants, the tz database records the exact moment of transition
The format can accommodate changes in the dates and times of transitions as well.
Data before 1970 aims to be correct for the city identifying the region, but is not necessarily correct for the entire region
This is because new regions are created only as required to distinguish clocks since 1970.
For example, between 1963-10-23 and 1963-12-09 in Brazil only Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo had summer time, but on request a split from America/Sao Paulo was rejected with the reasoning that since 1970 the clocks were the same in the whole region.
Time in Germany, which is represented by Europe/Berlin is not correct for the time span after 1945 when the Trizone did not follow Berlin's switch to DST.
The tz database is published as a set of text files which list the rules and zone transitions in a human-readable format
For use, these text files are compiled into a set of platform-independent binary files—one per time zone
The reference source code includes such a compiler called zic (zone information compiler), as well as code to read those files and use them in standard APIs such as localtime() and mktime().
The tz reference code and database is maintained by a group of volunteers
Arthur David Olson makes most of the changes to the code, and Paul Eggert to the database
Proposed changes are sent to the tz mailing list, which is gatewayed to the newsgroup
Source files are distributed via the FTP server
Typically, these files are taken by a software distributor like Debian, compiled, and then the source and binaries are packaged as part of that distribution
End users can either rely on their software distribution's update procedures, which may entail some delay, or obtain the source directly from and build the binary files themselves.
Jet lag, medically referred to as "desynchronosis," is a physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; it is classified as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders
Jet lag results from rapid long-distance transmeridian (east-west or west-east) travel, as on a jet plane.
The condition of jet lag may last many days, and recovery rates of 1 day per eastward time zone or 1 day per 1.5 westward time zones are mentioned as fair guidelines.
When traveling across a number of time zones, the body clock will be out of synchronization with the destination time, as it experiences daylight and darkness contrary to the rhythms to which it has grown accustomed: the body's natural pattern is upset, as the rhythms that dictate times for eating, sleeping, hormone regulation and body temperature variations no longer correspond to the environment nor to each other in some cases
To the degree that the body cannot immediately realign these rhythms, it is jet lagged.

Source : Wikipedia
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