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UTC/GMT Offset Daylight time zone - UTC/GMT -4 hours in daylight saving time (EDT)
Next time change on 11/03/2019 01:00 am (local time) (EST)
Daylight saving time Actually in DST
Daylight Saving Time start on : Sunday 10 March 2019 am:00 am
Daylight Saving Time end on : Sunday 03 November 2019 01:00 am

Actual offset : UTC/GMT -4 hours (in DST time)
In DST Time : UTC/GMT - -4 hours
In STD Time : UTC/GMT - -5 hours

Geographical and astronomical datas : United States

Coordinates Latitude : 38° 53' north
Longitude : 77° 02' west
Astronomic Observations Sunrise at : 06:01 am
Transition hout : 12:53 pm
Sunset at : 07:46 pm
Duration of day : 13 hours
Civil twilight start at : 05:32 am
Civil twilight end at : 08:15 pm

Knowledge about official U.S local time Washington DC (United States)

In Glasshouse characters use kiloseconds, "megs" etc
to refer to different periods of time, any earlier use of megayears has been dropped.
The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfeld uses metric time to measure time within an empire that expands over many star systems.
In television, the Simpsons episode "They Saved Lisa's Brain" has Principal Skinner saying that, thanks to the city being under Mensa's control, that the city's trains are not only running on time, but they are running on metric time, while looking at an analog clock with numbers 1–10 (which indicates decimal time)
An opening scene of Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis shows a metric clock with ten numbers instead of twelve, illustrating the improved efficiency of future industrial society.
A song off of the 2000 album Veni Vidi Vicious by the Swedish band The Hives is titled "The Hives - Introduce the Metric System in Time".
The tz database, also called the zoneinfo database, is a collaborative compilation of information about the world's time zones, primarily intended for use with computer programs and operating systems.
Its most recognizable feature is the uniform naming convention designed by Paul Eggert for time zones, such as "America/New_York" and "Europe/Paris".
The project's origins go back to at least 1986.
Within the tz database, a time zone is any national or sub-national region where local clocks have all agreed since 1970.
This definition concerns itself first with geographic areas which have had consistent local clocks
This is different from other definitions which concern themselves with consistent offsets from a prime meridian
Therefore each of the time zones defined by the tz database may document multiple offsets to UTC, typically containing both the standard time and the daylight saving time in the same zone.
The time zones have unique names in the form "Area/Location", e.g
"America/New_York", in an attempt to make them easier to understand by humans
A choice was also made to use English names or equivalents, and to omit punctuation and common suffixes
The underscore character is used in place of spaces
Hyphens are used too.
Area is either the name of a continent and ocean or "Etc"
The set of continents and oceans currently include: Africa, America, Antarctica, Arctic, Asia, Atlantic, Australia, Europe, Indian, and Pacific.

Source : Wikipedia
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